Enrolling At Rosehill School

All students who attend Rosehill Special School must have ORS (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme) funding.

Students who attend a special school also need to have a Specialised Education Agreement. An application for a Specialised Education Agreement is made to the Ministry of Education as part of the enrolment process. Some students may also be eligible for their transport to and from school, to be provided and funded by the Ministry of Education.

Starting or moving schools can be a big change for young people, so we aim to make the transition into our school as smooth as possible by working closely with families. Our school has thorough transition procedures involving the child’s family, new teacher, our therapists, staff and therapists from their current setting.

If you would like to know more about enrolling in our school, please contact us either by

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme

Further Information on ORS can be found here

Specialised Education Agreement

Further Information on Specialised Education Agreements can be found here

Enrolment Enquiry Form